Bad Astronaut - Minus chords version 1

Capo 1st fret

Am F CHere is the world, they try to sell you
Am F CHere is the ache of which you ate
Am F C G F FmThey'll have your eyes and they will hang your view so high
Am F CMinus the world, we find forgiveness
Am F CMinus the world, she find herself
Am F C GMinus the walls, she wouldn't hang her view
F FmSo lieu...
C G Am FWhat if their eyes, shadow and plagued those creatures we portrayed
C G FBorn into this, unbearable mess
E Am This bankruptcy her and I have left
C F Am Am F C Am F C
Am C G FParadox can't run out on me...
Am C G FMinus need, you are growing cold
Am C G FMinus believe, we are growing old
F F# F F#
Am F CMinus her face, she is unspoken
Am F CMinus her hand, she is clean
Am F C G F Fm But in filth, we destroy purity Words conceived....
C G Am FSorrow and shame, Tangled and named, Indebted endlessly
C G FEnter the day Of depravity
E Am C F She'll have to make believe tranquility
E Am C FMinus the world, we leave
E Am C FMinus the world, we leave
E F F# Minus the world, we leave.....
F F# Am
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