Bad Astronaut – Minus chords ver. 2

Bad Astronaut - Minus

Tab by: Eric Girouard
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Tune down 1/2 step (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)

Bm G DHere is the world, they try'll to sell you
Bm G DHere is the ache barbiturate
Bm G D A G GmThey'll have your eyes and they will hang your view so high
Bm G DMinus the world, we'd find forgiveness
Bm G DMinus the world, she'd find herself
Bm G D AMinus the walls, she wouldn't hang her view
G GmSo lOW...
D A Bm GWhite of their eyes, shadow and plague those creatures we portray
D A GBorn into this, unbearable mess
F# Bm This bankruptcy her and I have left
G D F# Bm G D Bm G D
Bm A G EmParadox, conundrum, irony
Bm D A GMinus need, you are going cold
Bm D A GMinus belief, we are growing old
G F#
Bm G DMinus our fears, she is outspoken
Bm G DMinus our hand, she is clean
Bm A G Em F# G GmBut in filth, we destroy purity once conceived....
D A Bm GSorrow and shame, Tangled and maimed, Indebted endlessly
D A GHeir to the day Of depravity
F# Bm G D She'll have to make believe tranquility
F# Bm G DMinus the world, we leave
F# Bm G DMinus the world, we leave
F# G Minus the world, we leave.....
G F# Bm
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