Bad Books - The Easy Mark And The Old Maid chords

A(not actually played) BmSome men collapse at the racetrack
D ATheir wrong and beat up, their eyes black
BmOthers wilt in casinos
D ARoll dice and piss away speedboats
BmSome dissolve into bar stools
D AScratched off in boxes and playoff pools
BmI spent myself on a psychic
D AI lost my way and a friend said she would find it
D-F#m-BmMan, we were wrong.
F#m-E-AMan, we were wrong.
DI asked for the future,
E AShe only sang me a song.
BmSome men they go make their own luck
D AGrow fat from feeding on lame ducks
BmThe easy mark and the old maid
D AThe invalid and the ingrate
BmOthers wait for that high sign
D ASome holy hoax in the tree-line
BmMe, I'm counting my canned food
D ABunkered down waiting out our slingshot moods
D-F#m-BmBut what if I'm wrong?
F#m-E-AWhat if I'm wrong?
DI'll open my doors up
E APeople, come sweep me along.
Interlude: Bm, D, E, A x2 Bm, D, F#m, Bm, C#m
BmEyes are fixed and my palms are spread
D ADissonance floats my shipwrecked head
BmGod sleeps in the Gaza strip
D AAnd man alone's left alone to live with it
BmThe coin-flip faith of the optimist
D AIt's beginners luck in a sewing kit
BmWhat's to do when there is no fix
D AOn the unflinching ambivalence?
D-F#m-BmBut you say that's wrong
F#m-E-AHopeless and wrong
DWe re-thread your needle,
E AYou say, "God, play along."
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