Bad Books – Forest Whitaker tab ver. 2

This is the basic tablature for playing it solo, like Andy does in a few videos!
The other tabs I saw had it really weirdly off, this one should be pretty spot on,
I've compared it to videos rather closely.
First things first, you should have your guitar tuned
a half-step down (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb).

Intro / Verse (You can either play it with the intro open
and the verse palm-muted,
or all palm-muted, it is up to your personal discretion.)

"We, started a fire..." Chorus (This first part: in some versions I've heard, it's played as 8th notes, or else-wise; so I'll just put the chords here. It is really easy to play along with, so try it out!)
"I know.." Slightly trickier bit:
"That you hate me too.." Then repeat the first half of the chorus:
"You always say you do." Then repeat the intro/verse! Pretty gosh-darned simple! Lyrics: *whistle* We, started a fire, that was never supposed to burn out. You, started a band, that was cool for a while but it turned pretty bland. I, started a fight, with a neighbor next door and his pesky wife. You, started a job, that you hate when you're sober and hate even more when you're not. I know you hate me too. Always say you do. *whistle* And you, moved to Japan, thought a clean bill of health and a camera could you show you the plan. I bought a bird, that repeats what I say but "I'm lonely." is all that it's heard. You found a guy, that is clearly the opposite me with a black motorbike. I dicked (digged?) around, but it's just like a movie that's picture is off with the sound. I know you hate me too. You always say you do. *guitar lead solo* OR *whistle* You, started to write, it was subtle at first but the danger was clearly in sight. I don't reply, due to lack of an ego and laziness cuts like a knife. You say that you're good, had a baby with biker and named him Forest Whitaker. I'm laying low, on the probable chance you convince me to give him a home. I know, you hate me too. You always say you do. And I know, that you hate me too. You always say you do. *whistle*
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