Bad Brains - Joshuas Song tab

Band - Bad Brains
Song - Joshua's Song
Album - Rock For Light

Tabbed By: SumFX (Tyler Freear)

This Is The 'Rock For Light' Version Of Joshua's Song.
Very Fast Song 0.30 Secs Long!

Riff 1|---------------------||---------------------||-555-----555----7-5--||-555-555-555--5-7-5--||-333-555-333--5-5-3--||-----333------3------|
Riff 2|------------------------------------||------------------------------------||------------------------------------||-10-9-8-------------10-9-8----------||-8--7-6--5-5555555--8--7-6--555-555-||---------3-3333333----------333-333-|
Riff 3 (Escalate Up The Neck)|-------------------||-------------------||-7-777-777---/-----||-7-777-777--/------||-5-555-555-/-------||-------------------|
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