Bad Company – Feel Like Making Love tab ver. 2

Feel Like Making Love                                                                               
                                by Bad Company
                     written by Paul Rodgers and Mick Ralphs
                          transcribed by Kevin Bills

  D5 C5 G5 F5
G  7  5    10
D  7  5  5 10
A  5  3  5  8
E        3

D G Baby, when I think about you I think about Love Darling, i don't live without you And you love If i had those golden dreams Of my yesterday I would wrap you in the heaven and feel that ? on the way CHORUS: (x means dead note before the chord) Feel Like makin' C5 D5 D5 C5 D5 D5 C5 D5 D5 G D (repeated for whole chorus) Feel like makin love feel like makin love C5 D5 G5 F5 D5 feel like making love to you D G Baby, if I think about you i think about love Darling, if i live without you i live without love And if i had the sun and moon and they were shining i would give you both night and day love satisfying CHORUS
E-|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B-|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|G-|--------2-0--------0-4---2h4p2-0-------------2-0-------0-4--2h4p2-0------|D-|-4--2h4-0-0----2h4-0-0---0-----0------4--2h4-0-0---2h4---0--0---- 0------|A-|-5------------------------------------5----------------------------------|E-|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| i think this part may actually be played an octave up (12 frets higher)
D G and if I had those golden dreams of my yesterday i would wrap you in the heaven feel their dying on the way Feel like makin Feel like makin love (fill 1) Feel like makin love (fill 2) Feel like making love Feel like making love to you Well I feel like making love to you
fill 1: fill 2:E-|-16^-14------|---------------------|-------------------------------------|B-|--------15~\-|---------15-15---15~-|-----the-rest-of-the-fills-are-using-|G-|-------------|---14h16------14-----|----------delay,-and-i-can't-figure--|D-|-------------|---------------------|------------------them-out.....------|A-|-------------|---------------------|-------------------------------------|E-|-------------|---------------------|-------------------------------------|
repeat fading out
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