Bad Religion – Best For You tab

song:Best for you
band:bad religion
great song and very easy chord progressions

chords used

e|----------------------|b|----------------------|g|-7--3--5--10--12--14--|d|-7--3--5--10--12--14--|a|-5--1--3---8--10--12--|e|----------------------| D Bb C F G A
intro: D,Bb,C x4 D Bb C Above us lay the burdens D Bb C below us lay the truth. D Bb C We're somewhere in the middle D Bb C and we're all discontent too. F G D Bb C Is someone watching over you? F G A Inside they know what's best for you. Bridge:D,Bb,C Judgment's not tomorrow its today yes now it's here But no it isn't Jesus take a look at all your peers. They're all looking down on you. Inside they know what's best for you D Bb C Everbody knows whats best for you x8 easy enough have fun Tim Robaczewski
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