Bad Religion – Do What You Want tab

C    B
     Do what you want

E C G D (4x)

Hey, do what you want
But don't do it around me
G                       D
Idleness and dissipance breed apathy
E                   C
I sit on my ass all god damn day
G                     D
A misanthropic android with nothing to

C    D    E
Say what you must
C  D    E
Do all you can
C      D      E
Break all the fucking rules
C                             B
And go to hell with Superman and die like a champion, ya hey

E C G D (4x)

I don't know if the millions will survive
But I'll believe in god when 1+1 is 5
My moniker is man and I'm rotten to the core
I'll tear down a building just to pass through the door


E C G D (4x)
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