Bad Religion – Fertile Crescent tab

Intro: lead guitar (play twice)E---------------------------------------------------------------------------B--1-1-1-1------------1-1-1-1----------1-1-1-1-------------------------------G----------3-1-0-0-0----------3-1-0-0----------3-1-0-------3----------------D----------------------------------------------------1-----3--5-------------A------------------------------------------------------3---1--5-------------E-------------------------------------------------------------3---(p.s.)---- 2nd guitar: C Gsharp C C Gsharp C C Gsharp C Bflat G (p.s.)
Verse I: C Gsharp C Come and see the brilliant lights Don't let your emotions mask your sight It's a manifestation of a deeper fight Bflat G That effects me and you C Gsharp C My optimism was running high A new world order was on my mind But I couldn't believe it when I heard them say Bflat G They're throwing it away . . . (highG) Chorus I: Eflat Bflat c Bflat C And the fertile crescent is burning today Eflat Bflat F highG And baby my emotions are too Eflat Bflat C Bflat C The cradle of humanity has led us all astray Gsharp Bflat G and we're all in this together don't you know Gharp Bflat cause our species has nowhere else to go. Verse II: Aggression rears its ugly head, retaliation brings further dread the two are linked by unseen threads that wind back through time I don't agree with this out-dated trend, nationalism's but an evil friend Hatred's instilled by invisible lines drawn in our minds Chorus II: And the fertile Crescent is haunting us today And baby our instincts are too The ghost of humanity is warning us this way And I think we all should heed it don't you know, Cause we don't know where else to go. Solo:
Chorus III: And the Fertile Crescent is haunting us today And baby our instincts are too The ghost of humanity is warning us this way And I think we all should heed it don't you know Cause we've got nowhere else to go.
Chords: All chords are barre chords. "highG" = ----------------- --8-------------- --7----or----12-- --5----------12-- -------------10-- -----------------
In the intro, (p.s.) = pick slide. In the solo, (b) = bend. ENJOY. --GEOFF.
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