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From: (Ira Houston Bryant Iv)

I've seen some requests for Bad Religion here, and though
this song is pretty easy, I like it.  I thought I'd just
throw it out here.  Tell me if you want any other easy
stuff.  Tabbing is really good ear practice.

No Control
from the album No Control
by Bad Religion
Trancribed by Ira Bryant


Play Riff 1 four times

Riff 1 B5 D5 A5 E5e:---------------------------------|B:---------------------------------|G:----------7---7--------9--9-9-9--|D:--9---9---7---7---7--7-9--9-9-9--|A:--9---9---5---5---7--7-7--7-7-7--|E:--7---7-----------5--5-----------|
For Verse 1: Play Riff 2 four times RIff 2
e:---------------------------------|B:---------------------------------|G:---------------------------------|D:---------------------------------|A:----------5---5--------7--7-7-7--|E:--7---7-----------5--5-----------| |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - | palm muting
Verse 1: Culture was the seed of proliferation But it has gotten melted Into an inharmonic whole To an inharmonic whole Consciousness has plagued us And we cannot shake it Though we think we're in control Though we think we're in control Chorus:
G5 A5 G5 A5 G5 A5 E5e:---------------------------------------|B:---------------------------------------|G:-----------------------------------9---|D:--5----7----5----7----5----7-------9---|A:--5----7----5----7----5----7-------7---|E:--3----5----3----5----3----5-----------|
B5 A5 G5 A5 B5 A5 G5 A5e:----------------------------------------|B:----------------------------------------|G:----------------------------------------|D:--9----7----5----7----9----7----5----7--|A:--9----7----5----7----9----7----5----7--|E:--7----5----3----5----7----5----3----5--|
Words for chorus: Questions that besiege us in life Are testament Of our helplessness There's no vestige of a beginning ) in the lyrics, this is No prospect of an end ) is attributed to Hutton, 1795 When we all desintegrate Anyone know who that is? It will happen all again Yeah Play Riff 1 For Verse 2: Play Riff 2 eight times Verse 2: Time is so rock solid in the minds of the hoards But they can't Explain why it should slip away Explain why it should slip away History and future are the comforts of our curiosity But here we are Rooted in the present day Rooted in the present day Play Chorus I'm not sure what this next part is called. Maybe an Outro?
B5 A5 G5 A5 B5 A5 G5 A5 B5 A5 E5 D5e:--------------------------------------------------------------|B:--------------------------------------------------------------|G:----------------------------------------------------9----7----|D:--9----7----5----7----9----7----5----7----9----7----9----7----|A:--9----7----5----7----9----7----5----7----9----7----7----5----|E:--7----5----3----5----7----5----3----5----7----5--------------|
If you came to conquer you'll be king for a day But you too will deteriorate and quickly fade away And believe these words you hear when you think your path is clear...
B5 E5 D5 B5 E5 D5e:----------------------------------------|B:----------------------------------------|G:-------9----7--------------9----7-------|D:--9----9----7---------9----9----7-------|A:--9----7----5---------9----7----5-------|E:--7-------------------7-----------------| We have no control We have no control
B5 G5 D5 A5 B5 G5 D5 A5e:-----------------------|------------------------|B:-----------------------|------------------------|G:------------7----------|------------7-----------|D:--9----5----7----7-----|--9----5----7----7------|A:--9----5----5----7-----|--9----5----5----7------|E:--7----3---------5-----|--7----3---------5------| We have no control, You have no control, We do not understand You are not in command
B5 G5 A5 B5 G5 A5e:----------------------------------------|B:----------------------------------------|G:---------------------------9----7-------|D:--9----5----7---------9----9----7-------|A:--9----5----7---------9----7----5-------|E:--7----3----5---------7-----------------| You have no control We have no control
B5 G5 D5 A5 B5 G5 D5 A5e:----------------------------------------|B:----------------------------------------|G:------------7-------------------7-------|D:--9----5----7----7----9----5----7----7--|A:--9----5----5----7----9----5----5----7--|E:--7----3---------5----7----3---------5--| No control No control
B5 A5 B5 A5 B5 A5 B5e:--------------------------------------|B:--------------------------------------|G:--------------------------------------|D:--9--9-9--7--9--9-9--7--9--9-9--7--9--|A:--9--9-9--7--9--9-9--7--9--9-9--7--9--|E:--7--7-7--5--7--7-7--5--7--7-7--5--7--| You have no control
I've gone over it a gazillion times looking for mistakes. I think I got them all, but probably not. Email me if you find one. Ira ______________________________________________________________________________ | | Pledge, Triangle Fraternity, OK Chap. | |----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Let us go and be killed where we are told to go. Is life worth so many | | questions? | | --Athos, from "The Three Musketeers" by Alexandre Dumas | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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