Bad Religion - Two Babies In The Dark tab

song: two babies in the dark
artist: bad religion
album: generator
tuning: standard

tabbed by: muddymascot

please notice: i've stolen some of the chords from other tabs, cause i've been too lazy 
figure them out by myself, but i've added the riffs, cause i haven't found them on any 
there may be some mistakes in them, cause they are very difficult to figure out with all this bending

Intro Guitar 1 & verse
A      G       A       G        A        G         E   G   A

Intro Guitar 2e-----------------------------------------------------------------|B-----------------12-12-13--15-15-17-18-17-1512-12h13-15-13-12-~-|G-14b---------14--------------------------------------------------|D-----------------------------------------------------------------|A-----------------------------------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse = Intro guitar 1 Chorus F G C B E D C B Guitar 1: verse
Guitar 2e--------------------------------------------------------------------|B---------------------------12---------------------------------------|G-12/14b-14b-14b-14b12b14b----14-12-12/14b-14b-14b-14b--12b14b-14b-|D--------------------------------------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------------------------|
verse 2 = verse 1 chorus bridge ("I'll put you to sleep ...") F A F A and I'll only ... please save meeeee-ou F G~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ outro Guitar 2 just play something on the high G & A powerchords (12th & 14th fret) you can use a tremolo here, it sounds good
in the very end play this:e------------------------------15-15--15-17-17-15-17-17-17-19-17-19~~~-|B---12-13-12-13-1515/17-1717-----------------------------------------|G-14-------------------------------------------------------------------|D----------------------------------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------------|
I don't know if there are chords for guitar 1 for the outro, you can't really here them, but guitar 1 should end on: E G A~~~
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