Badfinger - Come & Get It tab

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Come and Get It - Badfinger
(written by Paul McCartney)

The song, as recorded, has no guitar, so the chords are meant to be similar
to the piano part. 

"If you ..."----4------2-----2-----4------2-----2-------5------2-----4-----5------2-----4-------4------2-----4-----4------2-----4-------6------2-----4-----6------2-----4-------7------0-----2-----7------0-----2-------0------------------0---------------- E A6 B E A6 B
"Did I hear ..."----3------3-----0-----4------2---------5------3-----1-----5------4---------5------0-----2-----4------4---------5------0-----3-----6------4---------3------2-----------7------2----------------0-----1-----0------------ C Em7 Fmaj7 E B
"If you..."----4------2-----2-----4------2-------5------2-----4-----5------2-------4------2-----4-----4------2-------6------2-----4-----6------2-------7------0-----2-----7------0-------0------------------0---------- E A6 B E B
Repeats whole thing, then repeats "Did I.. " part
End part"You'd better .."---2-----4-----4------2-----2----3-----3-----4-------2-----4-----5------2-----4----5-----5-----5-------2-----4-----4------2-----4----5-----3-----4-------2-----4-----6------2-----4----5-----5-----6-------0-----2-----7------0-----2----3-----3-----7-------------------0-----------------------------0---- A6 B E A6 B C C7 E
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