Move Me chords with lyrics by Badflower - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Badflower – Move Me chords

G Bm A G

[Verse 1]
GShame, blame
BmWords like these fester and I pray
A GFor no change in seasons I hate rain don't let me drown in this room
GLie, cheat
BmDon't tell me secrets I can't keep
A GYour fictions are putrid and so sweet, I'll be so naive for you
[Chorus 1]
Em GIf you loved me, why couldn't you find a way
Bm AIf you love me, why shouldn't I beg for you to stay
Em GLike your jewelry, oh haven't I lost my shine
Bm AHow you used me, how you moved me
[Verse 2]
GSo Go, stay
BmSomething so moving as time waits
AYou'll come to your senses my blind faith
GKeeps me so honest and true
[Chorus 2]
Em GIf you loved me, then why couldn't I change your mind
Bm AIf you loved me, then why couldn't we try a second time
Em GYou thought you knew me, but I'll never be fake like you
Bm AOh, How you used me, how you moved me
[Verse 3]
GSo go, fly
AFind what you've longed for your whole life
BmMaybe you'll come back a new bride
A Or maybe you'll come back to me
(Fade) [Solo] Em G Bm A [Outro]
EmI see you
GI don't wanna know where you've been
Bm AI don't want to rush you, I just wanna have a life again
EmStart a family
GOh what about yours, my kids
Bm AIf you love me, oh if you loved me
GIf you love me
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