Badly Drawn Boy – Epitaph tab

D Daug D6 D7 G6 em7 Esus A7#5-2-|-2-|-2-|-2-|-0-|-0-|-0-|-5--3-|-3-|-3-|-3-|-0-|-0-|-0-|-6--2-|-3-|-4-|-5-|-0-|-0-|-2-|-6--0-|-0-|-0-|-0-|-0-|-0-|-2-|-5----|---|---|---|-2-|-2-|-0-|-0----|---|---|---|-3-|-0-|-0-|---
Intro D/Daug D Daug D6 D7 G6 Please don’t leave me wanting more Em7 I hope you never die Esus There’s no need to say why A7#5 Just promise that you’ll….. repeat the patter for the other verses I think he also steps from the D7 to the G6 Enjoy!
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