Badly Drawn Boy – Silent Sigh tab ver. 2

I really like the piano piece in this song, and just wasn't happy playing Fmaj7 and
(the main 2 chords in the song). I wanted to learn it note-for-note but couldn't find it
I can't find the sheet music for free (I'm not paying for only one song, and this song 
repeats for a long time... and I don't play the piano), but I found a preview so I
what I could find.
It's not as easy as it would be on the piano because it's obviously not written for the
but I took the separate treble and bass clef and mixed them together on this.
I had to tune it differently. For example, the low E had to go down to get the bass not
the C chord to sound right. I tuned the B string up just to try make it more convenient.
tried to keep it as close to standard as possible, but I play almost exclusively in 
tunings so I wasn't afraid to change around, hopefully you won't be either...
Sorry it's not finished, but it's somewhere to start at least...
Have fun with it :)

I added this just in case anyone has a second guitarist with them or even a loop cause I'd say this would make it sound great together. This is the second keyboard part, I it in as harmonics to make it stand out from the other part. It would be played directly the tabbed piece above... (I tried to add it as regular notes on top of what it above but the notes really need to an octave higher to be properly distinguished, and to avoid throwing off the flow of song)
(Ps. that note on the 8th fret of the A string sounds a little funny to me, but I double triple checked it, and it should work out.... maybe it's just that I'm playing it on a string guitar with fairly high action but I hope it works out. Let me know what you in the comments section anyway)
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