Ballyhoo - Saw Her Standing chords

The whole song is bar chords with emphasis on the higher strings by using upstrokes

Intro: A# Dm Eb Ebm

A#Saw her standing there
DmFlower in her hair
Eb EbmWhen the song went away so did she
A#Left me standing here
DmEyes welled up with tears
Eb EbmDrowning me alive in all my fears
GmAnd everytime I touch your face
D#All I feels an empty space
A# DmAnd I am always chasing you
GmAnd if you say two words to me
D#I want to hear what you said
A# DmCause I can't speak to the dead
D#And when it all goes down
FYou won't be around
Gm Cm And I don't know if I can take it
D# FI'm still holding on
The rest of the song is the same chords
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