Ballyhoo – Man On The Moon chords

(Capo on 2 with these chords played as if first position sounds
pretty good, but does not quite match original tuning)

Verse 1:
AmMy heart turns the mind into circles
GAs I lie here all alone in my bed
AmThe moon shines brightly through my window
C GAnd I wonder if it's true what they say
FThat there's a man...
AmA man on the moon
Verse 2:
AmI have to choose one of two pretty ladies
GAnd my heart can't tell me what to do
Am You there out in space you seem to be so kind
C GAnd here on earth I'm out of my mind
FOr am I blind?
AmMan on the moon
Chorus: --
CIf there's a man on the moon
EmCan you hear me calling you?
F CPlease save me from sharing my love with two
G Am G F CDear man on the moon won't you lend me a hand?
Am G FCause I can't make my mind up today
AmWhat would you say?
-- Verse 3: I can't judge a book by it's cover And all that glitters is not gold, so I'm told Will I retain my love once the beauty's gone? Who will lead me to the heart of the sun? Where to shall I run? Man on the moon Chorus (Instrumental break) Verse 4: When I'm with one I seem to miss the other The grass is always greener on the other side Who will be faithful to me now and forever? Although there's plenty of fish in the sea Be wise for me Man on the moon Chorus (x2) --- Thanks to Cameron for the chords.
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