Bambix – Cocksucker tab


Chords for this song are 

Em 022003
D  000232
C  032010
G  320003


[Em]Take [D]time, move [C]on
[Em]forg[D]et your [C]moods
[Em]you're coming [D]down when the [C]sun don't shine
in the [Em]dark where [D]i can't [C]move

[D]hey [C]you look kinda [G]sad
as if you only wanna stay in [D]bed
hey [C]you, you're the [G]one
[D]hey [C]you, guess you're [G]wrong
wanna hear that different same old [D]song
and i [C]feel your [G]fire


[C]In that town i will re[Em]main
and i [D]still don't [C]know
if you ever feel your [Em]shame
deep [D]down [C]below
I'm running over to the [Em]tracks
as [D]if i'd [C]leave....
you'll always be the [D]one
i can't picture you no [Em]more
[D]Mmmmm [C]Mmmmmm


[Em]Fighting [D]doesn't get me [C]out
[Em]looking [D]up to the [C]clouds
[Em]that feeling [D]doesn't help [C]me there
cause you [Em]go outside and [D]you just don't [C]care

[D]there's free[C]dom in the [G]sand
as if i'd ever run on your com[D]mand
there's free[C]dom if i [G]leave
[D]tomorrow [C]i can [G]breathe
the path is running right in front of [D]me
and i [C]feel your [G]fire


[C]C.O.C.K. you [Em]suck
in [D]daydream [C]town
you're running over, change the [Em]clocks
and [D]put back [C]time
I can never ever get [Em]out
i'll [D]stay right [C]here
staring at an empty [D]road
cause no-one'll find me [Em]here.
[D]MMmmmm [C]Mmmmm
no-one'll find me [Em]here.
[D]MMmmmm [C]Mmmmm
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