Band Of Horses – For Annabelle chords

Left handed
                      FOR ANNABELLE - Band of Horses

Tabbed by: C.J. Menard
A very beautiful song that's really easy to play.  The intro was already tabbed 
out on this site.  These are just the chords to the rest of the song.
Tuning: Standard

Verse 1
D A Bm AIf I want to walk home with you
G AHearing every word, thinking it's true
D A Bm AIn a barren field for us to cut through
G AOn our victory lap 'cross an old street cat
Chorus 1
G DThat turns to stop and see you
Bm DA small stone somewhere in your shoe
A Bm All day long
D A BmAll day long
Long D A Bm A G A Verse 2
D A Bm AThe old folks wake up for the day
G ASeeing the monsters have lingered from the past
D A Bm AAnd a great bird is flying away
G AFrom our family tree; something wrong with me
Chorus 2
G DI've got a secret or two
Bm Hiding somewhere but
D A BmIt won't take long
D A BmNo it won't take long
Long D A Bm A G A D A Bm A G A D
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