Band Of Horses – Window Blues chords ver. 2

AErase the facts
AThe sh** was flyin' outta the window
E I painted blue
F# D I paint the whole room
F# When it's time to get in trouble
E AWe know just what to do
AThe screen door swayin'
Now baby gimme something to live for
EI been a fool
F# DI been a fool
F#No revelations in the water
E ANo tears into the booze
AIn pains the floor
AThe worried people shaking the whole house
EI I take it back
F# DI take it all back
F#The regret thats got us sayin'
E AThe hounds upon the tracks
AAnd always in time
AI'm never looking over my shoulder
EI sing to you
F# DI sing it to you
F#Keeping heads above the water and
E AFeet into the shoes
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