Band Of Horses – Slow Cruel Hands Of Time tab

Band Of Horses - Slow Cruel Hands Of Time
Album: Mirage Rock, 2012
tabbed by: Eric Lambrecht

Note: This is a simplified version of the picking pattern
      (one instead of two guitars, no capo), but it still sounds awesome :)

INTRO: F#msus4 E C#m7+5 De:------9----------|-----7-----------|----------------|--------------->b:--------12-------|-------9---------|-------5--------|-------7------->G:-----------------|-----------------|----------------|-----7--------->D:---11------------|---9-------------|---6p7-----7-6--|---7----------->A:-9---------------|-7---------------|-4--------------|-5------------->E:-----------------|-----------------|----------------|--------------->
Bm7 Bm7 e:-----------------|-----------------|b:-------3---------|-------3---2-----|G:-----2-----2---2-|-----2-------4-2-|D:---4---------4---|---4----(4)------|A:-2---------------|-2---------------|E:-----------------|-----------------|
VERSES: A A Bm Bm7 Bm Bm Bm7e:---0---------0---|---0-------------|---2-------------|-----2-----------o|b:-------3---2-----|-------3---2-----|-----3-----------|-------3---------o|G:-----------------|-------------2---|-------2-----4---|-----------4-2---o| [repeat]D:-----2-----------|-----2-------2---|-------4------(4)|---4-----------4-o|A:-0---------------|-0---------------|-2---------2-----|-2-------2-------o|E:-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------o|
CHORUS: D C#m Bm Bme:---5---------5---|---4---------4---|---2---------2---|---2---------2--->b:-7-----7---------|-5-----5---------|-3-----3---------|-3-----3--------->G:-7---------7-----|-6---------6-----|-4---------4-----|-4---------4----->D:-7---7-----------|-6---6-----------|-4---4-----------|-4---4----------->A:-5---------------|-4---------------|-2---------------|-2--------------->E:-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|----------------->
D C#m Bm7 Bm7e:---5---------5---|---4---------4---|---2-------------|--2--------------|b:-7-----7---------|-5-----5---------|-----------------|-------3---2-----|G:-7---------7-----|-6---------6-----|-------2---4---2-|-----2-------4-2-|D:-7---7-----------|-6---6-----------|-4---4-----------|-----------------|A:-5---------------|-4---------------|-2-------2---2---|-2---------------|E:-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
A Bm "Biding My Time" getting stuck in my mind is a boat to row. (?) A Bm Two hours later back in my neighbourhood, where everything just stops. A Bm It still looks the same, they remember my name stepped it in for a cup full. A Bm There's a big city man, I used to rumble with him back in high school. D C#m Bm The slow cruel hands of time D C#m Bm7 Turn you into molten lava, oh my A Bm There's a place on the right, you can stop for a while, look out for a policeman A Bm There's no street lamps only free buildings, and one of them's vacant A Bm Is taking all day, the pack's feeling heavy and soon the night. Backwards down the mountain the axel is grinding, pull into the wrong drive. D C#m Bm The sky is in the yard, D C#m Bm7 Stringing cotton candy in the fall. F#m7 E C#m D Slow card the hard to fall F#m7 E C#m D So long times I don't want it at all Bm E I've done this so long C#m D Something I ought to know Bm7 A So long. > (A) Bm7 A Bm7 [solo] A Bm Finally up, all the pieces disrrupted and the birds fly. A Bm Trapped for a moment, the sheriff's department got the wrong guy. D C#m Bm The town is revealed the lone, D C#m Bm7 visible winds... through the fog. D C#m Bm7 This slow cruel hands of time, D C#m Bm7 turning you back into a child. > F#m E C#m D Bm7 Bm7 A ~~ [end]
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