Band Of Horses – How To Live chords

Band Of Horses - How To Live 
Album: Mirage Rock, 2012
tabbed by: Eric Lambrecht

Chords: G C G' G2' D D' F Em Cm e:-3-|---|-10-|-10-|-5-|(0)|-1-|-7-|-3-<b:-3-|-5-|-12-|-10-|-7-|-3-|-1-|-8-|-4-<G:-4-|-5-|-12-|-12-|-7-|-0-|-2-|-9-|-5-<D:-5-|-5-|-12-|-12-|-7-|-4-|-3-|-9-|-5-<A:-5-|-3-|-10-|-10-|-5-|-5-|-3-|-7-|-3-<E:-3-|---|----|----|---|---|-1-|---|---<
INTRO:(like this:)e:-3~~~3---3-----3---3----3-3-|-3~~-...b:-3~~~3---3-----3---3----3-3-|-3~~-...G:-0~~~2p0-2p0---2p0-2p0--0-0-|-0~~-...D:-0~~~~------------------0-0-|-0~~-...A:-2~~~~------------------2-2-|-2~~-...E:-3~~~~------------------3-3-|-3~~-...
G C When I'm giving advice to others
G' G' G2' I take more than I can give
D This birds eye view
C D' G G4 G G4 GOf what I want you to do learn how to live
G C And I really don't have to suffer
G' G' G2' I still do it anyway
DI'm a diamond in the rough
C D' G G4 GOr I'm a dirt clod in the clay
G F Guess what? I lost my job
Em Cm Cm4 It's just my luck
G G4 G G G4 G
G C Reveal you've always been the actor
G' G' G2' With those puppy dog eyes
D Well one of y'all is telling the truth
C D' GThe other one is lying
G C It's someone else's fault so often
G' G' G2' You're getting rude, you're getting tall
DIt's a great big world
C D' G your translation's just a little off
G F So what, I made a mistake
Em Cm G to try to hiiide the tiny
F Em Cm The tiniest lie
Ggets a little bit larger everyday
F Em CmIt grows, 'til it's out of control
G C I've been giving my advice to others
G' G' G2' I try to tell them how to live
DA little lying, a bit of truth
C D'Is what I'd like for you to do and how to give
G G4 G G G4 G
G C And I really didn't need to suffer
G' G' G2' Still did it anyway
DWhat a great big world
C I better find some way to stay
G G4 G G G4 G
G F Guess what? you're getting old
Em Cm Still gotta grow up
G (like the intro)
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