Band Of Horses – Reillys Dream chords

                             REILLY'S DREAM - Band of Horses
Tabbed by: tunietunes

Tuning: Standard

Intro / Plays through song.

A x4 Bm x4 e|------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------2-2-----------------------2-2-3-3------------|G|---2-2-----2-2-------------------4-4------------------------|D|-------2-2---------------------------4-4--------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------|
Bm ABy raging fire, it's the last moment of a single memory of mine.
Bmand it best become fine, the ring is ours
Aevery little second of the time is ours and when
Bmwe come, we come far, am i a minute too late did i even say,
did I laugh in the moment in a personal way,
Aor get down, and ??? by the citys past,
grimace on my face when your legs collapse,
BmI dont want to ever come of like that
EDream with me brother when the take is out.
D E Lay your body down,
G D if the day is over now,
A F# your legs you dingle of the bed,
D E you're fearless in your head.
Lyrics: ... (sort of) ... And my main desire, not the past, present or the future way to spend your life so we rested all tonight, the taste is sour. Every single minute of every single hour and when the friends you leave behind, can they get brought back cause there is something to say I was having second thoughts but they came too late I got dropped by the ??? and stuck in the rud couldn't believe we made the second cut oh my god how did things get to be this bad I dream of you sister while I'm gone for now I'm sleeping thinking loud All the sheets get tossed around convince you might've ???? In the dreams we live again. Waking finding out, your dreams are winding down the awful things that might've been you can fix them in the end
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