Band Of Skulls - Friends chords version 4

Tab by V


Bb5 G5 A5

(verse 1):

Bb5All my life I've been searchin' for something
Something I couldn't put my finger on
G5Maybe I've been livin' for the weekend
A5 G5Maybe I've been livin' for the siren song
But every Friday, just about midnight
G5All my problems seem to disappear
Everyone that I miss when I'm distant (chorus):
A5 BbEverybody's here, I need love
Cuz only love is true,
Eb5I need every wakin' hour with you and my friends
Eb5/ACuz they're so beautiful
Yeah my friends, they are so beautiful
Bb Bb/G Bb/AThey're my friends
(verse 2):
BbAll my life I've been wastin', wastin'
Bb/GWastin all my money, all my time
All the time that I'm waitin', waitin'
Bb/AWaiting for the moment you are mine
BbI start about, yeah, thinkin', thinkin'
Bb/GThinking all the things that I've done wrong
Bb/AAll the time that I was forgetting, you were mine all along
Bb5They're my friends
Eb5They're my friends
Eb5/AThey're my friends
Bb5They're my friends
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