Bandits Of The Acoustic Revolution - Intro This Call To Arms tab

Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution (BOTAR) - Intro

probably the most difficult BOTAR song, maybe They Provide the Paint

The chords used are Am, Dm, and E, all in their open positions

Am (don't play over it, its just for the position to make things easy, same for the rest)

e------------------------------------|B---------0h1-----3p1-----0h1--------|G-------2-----2-------2-------2------|D-----2---------2-------2-------2----|A---0--------------------------------|E------------------------------------| 4 times
Dm Am E
e--------1-------------------0----------------0----------------------|B------3-------------------1----------------0------------------------|G----2-------------------2----------------1--------------------------|D--0---------4 times-------------------------------------------------|A---------------------0--------4 times-------------------------------|E---------------------------------------0--------4 times-------------|
For this whole part, it goes up then down, like this Dm, Am, E, Am, Dm, Am, E (that's whole thing, each one 4 times like above Then, when you're doing that last E, it kinda cuts off, and goes into this small part
When that's done, it goes back the very beginning part with the Am chord. Do that 3 and then its face paced Am strumming. I think that's it Questions or Comments? Tabbed by: x WTF x Also tabbed by me: Giving Up Giving In by Catch 22 It's a Wonderful Life by BOTAR
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