Bandits – Crystal Cowboy tab

This is taken from the Bandits soundtrack...the German version
this song is nice, and if you see the movie you'll know why ::wink wink::
fiddle with the song..there are some parts missing 
Intro: as noted below

/=slide up
r=release string

guitar one:(plays this through out the whole song just changes at one point...)---x-----x-----x--------------| (figure 1)---m-----x-----x--------------|---u-----x-----x--------------| just go right back ---t-----x-----x--------------| to the beging of the---e-----x-0-3-x-3--3-3-3-1---| measure-3-x-3-3-x-----x------------3-|
This is how it changes:---x-----x-----x------------------------------|(figure 2)---x-----x-----x------------------------------|---x-----x-----x------------------------------|then it goes back---x-----x-----x------------------------------|to figure one---x-----x-0-1-x-1--1-1-1/3-3-3--0b1r0b1r0----|-3-x-3-3-x-----x----------------------------3-|
Guitar 2: ( has a slide in the background of guitar one..listen to the song to get the timing of when to play it)
1(let ring)/3----|-----------------|---you-can-------|this is ---use-a---------|a SLOW--slide-here-----|slide-if-you-want-----|
guitar 3:comes in a little later in the song and just plays the following chords-----------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------|just match it------5---3------------------------------|with the--5---5---3---5--------------------------|rythem of--5---3---1---5--------------------------|guitar one--3-----------3--------------------------|
BLAH BLAH BLAH ETC... mess around with it see if you can get it contact: quesions?comments? yes i do have a lot of free time on my hands :-P
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