Bangles - Angels Dont Fall In Love chords

(V. Peterson/S. Hoffs)
Taken from the album "Different Light" released in January 1986.
(great song, but could'nt find a tab so gave it a shot)

A G F#m E x2

AI saw you today
F#m She's lovely
Fmj You're such a heavenly pair
AYou hope and you pray
F#m Fmj A G A A G ASomeday she'll take you all the way there
E F#m G#mYou should know better, darling
A When push comes to shove
G EAngels don't fall in love
AYou stand at the gate
F#m FmjHoping to gain admission
AHow long are you willing to wait
F#m Fmj A G A A G AShe won't give permission tonight
(Repeat Chorus) (Repeat intro) A G F#m E x3 then A G A A G A Guitar Solo E F#m G#m A G E (the next section is a repetition of the following chords A, A with a G in base F#m F - listen out for changes)
AYou've got your higher aims
Amaj with G in base Got your ambitions
F#mYou think you're spiritual
Fmj And on some mission
A Amaj with G in baseWell, I can see it when I look in your eyes
F#mWhen you think of love
Fmj You think of compromise
AIt's no big disgrace
Amaj with G in base There's no loss of grace
F#m FmjThe trouble is there's always someone there to take your place
A Amaj with G in baseAnd the trouble is you don't believe that it's true
F#m FmjWhen the sun goes down there's something left for you
A Amaj with G in baseThe trouble is I see you missing so much
F#m While you're knocking on all the wrong doors
Fmj Looking for some angel's touch
A Amaj with G in baseYou think she's everything you're dreaming of
F#m FmjThe trouble is those angels never fall in love
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