Barbara Payton - I Didnt Mean To tab

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Intro: C2x8 G D A-C

G           D
I try to be calm
              A-            C
Just what you need
G            D  
But somewhere along
              A-            C
I lost track of me
G            D
I had such regret
              A-           C
Where did we go wrong
G              D
You have to admit
               A-            C
I stayed far too long
Save me
G    E-             C
If I hurt you when I lied
I didn't mean to.
G     E-                     C
And if I caused those tears you cried
I didn't mean to.
I didn't mean to.


I knew that you ached 
And I'd never see
When you were undone
You placed blame on me.
It took so much time
to let feelings go.
I had you confused 
With love I don't know.

Baby, Save me

Chorus, Solo, Chorus.

And did you miss me by your side?
You didn't seem to.

And as for all those times we tried...
Did we need to?

Baby, save me, 
ad infimium to fade.

Chords used:
C x32x1x
C2 xx21x2 
D  xxx231
A- xx221x
E- x22xxx
G 32xx33

Have fun!
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