Barbarians – Moulty tab

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Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 15:28:08 -0500
From: Andrew Rogers 
Subject: ./b/barbarians/moulty.crd

The true story of Barbarians drummer Victor 'Moulty' Moulton, who lost
his left hand at age 14 when a homemade pipe bomb exploded prematurely.
When I was a beat-crazed teen I thought Moulty was just about the coolest
guy in the history of the eardrum (as a beat-crazed middle-ager I still
do) and named my first band 'The Moults' in his honor.  Go back to my
home directory and follow the appropriate link to find out what Moulty
is up to nowadays.  --AWR



	harmonica [C], 1 bar


G9 Fmaj7 v v v v v v v v ---------5-------|-0---------------| -----3-6-----6-3-|---1-----1-------| ---4-------------|-------2-----2---| -5---------------|-----------------| -----------------|-----------------| -3---------------|-1---------------|
Verse 1: (spoken): G9 I remember the days when things were real bad for me Fmaj7 G9 It was right after my accident, when I lost my hand Fmaj7 It seemed like I was all alone, with nobody to help me Em F You know, I almost gave up all my hopes and dreams G But then - then - then something inside me kept tellin' me G7 Way down inside of me - over and over again G9 To keep goin' on - yeah, on! Chorus 1: C F G F [bass: bend D to Eb] Moulty! C F G F Don't turn away (you're gonna make it, baby) C F G F Don't turn away (ah, try to make it, baby) C F/A /F Eb G Don't turn away Verse 2: Things are better for me now 'cause I found that I love music So I learned to play the drums and got myself a band, and now we're startin' to make it And if you can make it at somethin' you love - wow, you got it all! So I'm sayin' this to all of you All of you who think you'll never make it All of you guys and girls 'cause you think you're so bad off Or maybe you think you're a little different or strange So listen to me, now, 'cause I've lived through it all Chorus: Moulty! Don't turn away (you gotta keep on tryin') Don't turn away (well, don't you give up, baby) Don't turn away Verse 3 (first three lines only): Now there's just one thing that I need - not sympathy, and I don't need no pity - But a girl - a real girl - one who really loves me - and then I'll be the complete man. So I'm gonna tell you - right now - listen! Coda [repeat to fade]: C F G F Don't turn away (you gotta baby) C F G F Don't turn away (you gotta keep on tryin') -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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