Barbie Almalbis - Just A Smile tab

Barbie Almalbis
Just A Smile
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Subukan nyo i play to ng walang capo but Drop D, mas madali tugtugin.

Tuning: Drop D

Chords used in Drop D tuning:

Bb9 - 8-8-10-x-x-xC5 - 10-10-10-x-x-x
F5 - 333xxxGm7 - 5533xxD5 - 000xxxB9 - 9-9-11-x-x-xC#5 - 11-11-11-x-x-xF#5 - 444xxxG#m7 - 6644xxEb5 - 111xxx
Intro: Bb9-C5
Guitar 1: x2e|-------------------------------------------------------------------B|--------------------------10-10------------------------------------G|------9-9-10---------9----------9------9-9-10--------9----10-10----D|---10-------------10---10-----------10------------10---10-------10-A|-------------------------------------------------------------------D|-8-------------10-----------------8------------10------------------
Guitar 2e|---------------------------------------B|-1---1~--------------10-8--------------G|--------------------------10-9-10------D|----------------------------------10~--A|---0-----------------------------------D|---------------------------------------
Verse 1: Bb9 C5 Bb9 C5 I wanna tell you everything, piece by piece Bb9 C5 Bb9 C5 won't you come up closer I want to, hear you breathe Bb9 C5 Bb9 C5 I'm walking down the street I'm lost at sea Bb9 C5 Bb9 C5 but out of the crowd you smile and you're all I see Chorus 1: F5 Gm7 Bb9 you make me feel like I D5 C5 Bb9 can get lost inside your eyes F5 Gm7 Bb9 I feel closer to the sky D5 C5 Bb9 When you save the day with just a smile Bb9-C5-Bb9-C5 just a smile Verse 2: Bb9 C5 Bb9 C5 I wanna meet you someday soon 'cause I know you in my mind Bb9 C5 Bb9 C5 everything will be different when I have you right beside Bb9 C5 Bb9 C5 you can take the whole wide world with your boyish charm Bb9 C5 Bb9 C5 but even as you pull me close I won't just stay in your arms (Repeat Chorus 1 except last line) Bridge: Gm7 Bb9 Well it's for you and everyone Gm7 Bb9 I thought I've searched the world in vain Gm7 Bb9 now look at me and the search is done Gm7 Bb9 we will never be the same not the same. Chorus 2: 1 fret higher from F5 to F#5 F#5 G#m7 B9 you make me feel like I Eb5 C#5 B9 can get lost inside your eyes F#5 G#m7 B9 I feel closer to the sky Eb5 C#5 B9 When you save the day with just a smile (Repeat Chorus 2) B9-C#5-B9-C#5-B9-C#5-B9 just a smile
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