Somewhere chords with lyrics by Barbra Streisand - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Barbra Streisand – Somewhere chords

from "West Side Story"
by Leonard Bernstein

B B7 E7 A F#m7There's a place for us
F#m B7 E A BSomewhere a place for us
B B7 G#m C#m Peace and quiet and open air
A D BWait for us somewhere
B B7 E A F#m7There's a time for us
F#m7 B7 E A F#m7Someday a time for us
B B7 G#m C#mTime together with time to spare
A D Hm7 GTime to care, time to learn
C Am Someday, somewhere
Em F#m7 We'll find a new way of living
C Am6 G F# D#m7 We'll find a way of forgiving, somewhere...
B B7 E AThere's a place for us
F#m7 B7 E AA time and place for us
B B7 G#m C#mHold my hand and we're halfway there
A D GHold my hand and I'll take you there
C Am E Somehow, someday, somewhere
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