Bargain Music - Lipliner tab

Stay like that, Just like that
C                F
Lying on the couch, Just like that that that
C                    F
This is the way I want to remember you
C                                  F
Remember the way you look and not what you
C                                    F
This is the way I want to remember you
C                                  F
Exactly the way I first saw you
C                            F
F played with 3rd finger on 3rd fret of the D string, 2nd finger on 2nd fret of G 
and 1st finger on 1st fret of B string*
song continues on in the same way

I wanted to touch you, with my big brown hand
I thought I was a player, like I was Method Man
That’s when I got a look at your lily white thigh
I was all out of chronic but god damn if I wasn’t high
You looked like someone out of a 1920 photograph
I turned and smiled you looked at me and you laughed

So I shot you down
Yeah I shot you

Bye Bye little platinum blond
Bye Bye little platinum blond
Bye bye

Hey Yea
In school they never taught ‘bout hamburgers or steak
Elijah, Muhammad, or the welfare state
But I know
Yeah, I know

Skeleton man broke into my garage today
Took all my LP’s and smoked up my grade A
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