Bark Psychosis - 400 Winters chords

                      400 WINTERS : Bark Psychosis
Tabbed by: lifer

Tuning: standard

   Em7 Dm9 Emaj7 Dmaj7 A Fmaj7 F G

Not to be confused with the G above, Ill call this Gprog
Intro Em7 Dm9
Emaj7Loose rein, let us rest
Dmaj7Where words speak, nor confess
Emaj7Always beside, always besides
Dmaj7For one another winding west
Emaj7 We seek and grow apart
A(no lyrics, segue into second part)
Fmaj7 GprogLoose rein, let us rest
Fmaj7 GprogWhere words speak, nor confess
Fmaj7Always beside, always besides
Gprog For one another winding west
Fmaj7 GprogWe seek and grow apart
The rest is the same as above, except for the end where the song mellows out a bit:
F G400 Winters, never count
F GA final sign of things to come
F GYou cannot lay your hand upon
F A final sign of things to come
G FIts only ever more
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