Barleyjuice – Love With A Priest chords

Love With a Priest
(Kay Brewer / Barleywench Music; Kyf Brewer / Brewerds&Music / ASCAP)
D G D he stands on the alter so stout and erect
D A the hair bristles up on the back of my neck
D G D his creamy white collar doth tame the wild beast
D G A Di, i'm in love with a priest
he speaks so discreetly and beckons to me come forth to the rail i'll give comfort to thee i'll hear your confession and give you release i, i'm in love with a priest
GGod save me father
Di surely have sinned
Ga scotch and a water
Aa tonic & gin
Dbut hell or high whiskey
G Di will make my peace
D G A Di, i'm in love with a priest
i love his black cassock, his promise and vow i worship the sweat that rolls down from his brow though many have suffered with cause to repent i dare not desert him for six weeks of lent the hand lifts the spirit, his head tilts to mine to thirst him is human, to quench is divine he fills me with glory, the longing has ceased i, i'm in love with a priest God save me father i surely have sinned a scotch and a water a tonic & gin but hell or high whiskey i will make my peace i, i'm in love with a priest
D G D now don't weep me daughters - it's not what you think
D Ait's only a guinness, the father of drink
D G D if anything's rising that would be the yeast
(N/C) A Di'm in love with a priest.
D G A D i'm in love with a priest.(Repeat)
© 2006
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