Barlow Girl – Tears Fall chords


C Dm BdimI have had the same dream many times
CIt haunts my mind
DmIts starts with a life
Bdim CBut it ends every time
Dm BdimOh, so many faces that this world
CWill never see
DmA reason for you life
Bdim CBut your heart will never beat
F G C EMay our tears fall down
F G C EMay they soften this ground
F G C EMay our hearts be found
F G C EGod, forgive us now
C Dm BdimOh, what have we lost because we chose
CWe'll never know
Dm Bdim CAnd loving you is better than feeling alone
DmAnd all our claims to freedom
Bdim C Have become these heavy chains
DmAnd in the name of rights
Bdim CWe keep filling nameless graves
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