Barlowgirl - Love Is Marching chords

Intro: Am G C F
Am G C FI was told when I was young
That anyone could change the world It wouldn't come by power or strength But through the ones who choose to love
Am G C FCause everyone will pass
And when we've breathed our last Can we say we have lived for more And did we live to die for La-la-love la-love La-la-love la-love Can you feel his heart beating The sound of love is marching And when our hearts begin to break Along with his, this world will change (Here its the same chord progression but a little bit faster) Love is marching to his heartbeat (Its all the same chords through out the whole entire song. You can change around the octaves of the chords but its the same very easy!i figured it out on piano and played it on guitar)
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