Barlowgirl – Porcelain Heart chords

Left handed
capo 1
Am FBroken heart one more time
C EPick yourself up why even cry
Am FBroken pieces in your hands
C EWonder how you make it whole
Am C EYou know You pray
F C EThis can't be the way
Am C EYou cry You say
F C ESomethings gotta change
Am FAnd mend this broken heart of mine
Am F C EVerse 2
Am FSomeone said a broken heart
C EWould sting at first then make you stronger
Am FYou wonder why this pain remainds
C EWere hearts made whole just to break
Chorus Bridge
Fmaj7 only you take brokeness
AmAnd create
C Einto beauty once again
Chorus x2 Am F C E
Am Of mine
Am F C E(slowly strum ↓)Creator mend this heart
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