Baroness - Sleep That Steels The Eye chords

Baroness - Steel That Sleeps the Eye
Capo - 3 (Chords relative to capo)

Tabbed by Jon Torres

Em C AmSteel that sleeps with the morningstar
Em C AmWould that I could sin once more
Em C AmBlades will sing over stone and field
Em C AmThat their song might grace our fall
Em C AmPallid limbs in the raven's thrall
Em C AmFracture sulphur honey skin
Em C AmWaves are screaming abraxan hymns
Em C AmSo that shoreline virgins cry
C EmReel in place
G Am'Til the bastards take me away
C Em GSober taste of the eyes
Em C AmSteel that sleeps the eye
Em CSteel that sleeps the eye
EmSteel that sleeps the eye
End on Em (Listen to song for strum pattern)
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