Barry Sadler - Ballad Of The Green Beret tab

This song is played in the key of C, so you should play the notes in the formation of 
this order) C, G, C, F, C, G, C.

C G-------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------0 0----- 0 0h2 0 0------|----2 2 2-------0 0-----------2------------------------|------------3-------3------3---------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------|
C F C G C-------------------------------------------------------|---------1 1 1-----------------------------------------|----------------0 0h2 0 0-------2 2 0------------------|-------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------0 2 3-----|-------------------------------------------3-----------|
That it! The person who did the chords on this site did them right so refer to that tab when to play the chords or just listen to the song. This is not in the song by the way, just for those people dont don't want to sing but like the way the song goes. Good Luck!
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