Bastian Baker – Lucky Internet Version chords

Capo 5th fret.
All relative to capo.

Play the F likeE|---B|-1-G|-2-D|-3-A|-3-E|---
Between each chord in the intro and verse he'll play;
Intro C Am F G Verse
CYou say you are, never gonna leave me.
AmLike a child, you will always help me
FThrough the storms, I like the way
GYou stand by me. I know I’m lucky
CWonder when, wonder when you saw me
AmCrying tears, certainly it’s been a
FCouple years, the brighter side of life has shone
GThat I’m not wrong
CThat everything I thought I
AmWould have to do to do right
F GIs never gonna be what it was planned to be, coz I’m lucky
CThe days are shining happy
AmThe pain forever missing
FFrom when I wake, throughout the day
GA lasting smile upon my face
Repeat trough the whole song. Enjoy :) Erik
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