Bates – A Real Cool Time tab

Intro (with acoustic and slow folk rhythm;listen to CD):    A  -  E  -  D  -  E

Verse 1:
A                         E
Strawberry chambermaid in summertime I feel so fine
D                             E
Obnoxious things and all that stuff are really out

Verse 2:
A                               E
I'd like to know where you have gone
                          D                               E
Now that we all have such fun, we got big beat we got big kiss
           E - D - E
It's a bliss

CHORUS(same rhythm,later 2nd guitar adds distortion,listen to CD):
A       E         D      D4 - D
Feels like I'm in heaven
A      E      D   D4 - D
Oh, I feel so fine
A  E             D
If you were only here my friend
A         E                D               E
You would have a real cool time ... a real cool time

SOLO(2nd guitar with lots of distortion):(Chords during solo: A - E - D - E)E|----------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--10---10-12-10-9---9-10-9-7---7-9-10-9-------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 3: A E Special volcano that you are D E Why did you have to go so far, I'm sure you'd like it just like this -Now repeat Verse2 and the Chorus Then--> Bridge(all power chords and mighty distortion): f# D - E I wonder why you're gone f# D - E You left so many things undone f# D - E You forgot to kick some asses, yeah f# D - E - A You forgot to kick some asses -Repeat Chorus 3 times (with some changes in the last one) Outro/last chorus: A E D Feels like I'm in heaven...(3 times) A E D E Oh, I feel so fine my friend, A (let ring) You would have a real cool time CHORD CHART(hint for D4=just hammer your pinkie on the e-string):
A F# D4 E De--0----x----3----0----2----|B--2----x----3----0----3----|G--2----x----2----1----2----|D--2----4----0----2----0----|A--0----4----x----2----x----|E--x----2----x----0----x----|
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