Bauhaus – Spirit tab

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Spirit  --Bauhaus

Ok... This isn't really a guitar song, but I've got the guitar and most of
the synth stuff figured out.  Here's what I get....

Intro (guitar)

---------------------------------|---------------------------------| Another guitar comes and doubles this---------------------------------| second time through.---------------------------------|-2/3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-|---------------------------------|
Now that synth thing comes in. It does this (transcribed for the guitar):
-7h8h11---11p8p7-- -6p5p3------|------------------ ------------|------------------ a few times and then ------------|------------------ ------------|------------------ ------------|------------------ ------------|
This goes on throughout the first verse. When I play it, I usually just play along with it like this (with a clean tone): D (power chord) B (power) Tonight I could be with you Or waiting in the wings D (power) B (power) Lift your heart with soaring song Cut down the puppet strings G (major) G (major) Cut down the puppet strings I really don't know if there *is* guitar here. If so, its not very prominant. Anyway, I'm pretty sure all the instruments go D B D B G G for the verses.... In the break before the third verse, the synth goes:
During the "If I am on the sidelines..." and the "I may tap you on the shoulder..." parts, I don't know what the synth is doing.... anybody? That's about it. If anybody knows what the guitar is really doing here, I'd appreciate it. IMHO, this is the best song off of "The Sky's Gone Out" and I'd love to get any corrections if you got any. Thanks...
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