Bay City Rollers - When I Say I Love You chords

Guitar Chord When I Say I Love You
When I Say I Love You

A A7 D A Bm A

AWhen I say I love you,
Dyou just act like I don't know
Bm Tryin' hard to prove you're near me
A Always asking if you hear me
A DTellin' me has done it when you say you gotta go
BmWhile I'm tryin' to unwind
D G F#m DIt's my loneliness that's bindin' me to you
A A7Now when I say I love you
D BmNow it really means I love you
Donít you know and if I gave something Its because you gave me something But you donít know
A A7And if I gave you somethin'
D BmIt's because you have me somethin'
G F#m Em F#m D Bm but you don't know, yea you don't know
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