Bayside - Popular Science tab version 2

(Pop)Ular SciencE
by Bayside
From The Walking Wounded (2007)

Transcribed by Jason Florentino
February 2011

I'm kinda sick so I thought I'd finally figure out this song.
This is what I've got so far… I'm way too lazy and (believe it or not) too busy to lift 
the solo and all the cool backing shit that they do. But it's enough for you to sing 
with it. And that's all I want to do right now!


Notes in parentheses are harmonies (they're optional)
That "beat" line below the tab denotes down beats. …Or when you should tap your foot.

Played fast. With kind of a shuffle feel.

Chords: Am B5 C5 Fe|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------(13)--(10)------------------------------------------------------|G|-----------9----------12----9--------------------------9--------9--------12---(9)----|D|--------10---10-12-10----10-------9h10p9----------10-------10-------10--------10-----|A|------0-------------------------0--------12-10-8-----8---8----8---8----8----8----8---|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|Beat: x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
You can play either full chords or power chords. Should still work. Am Nothing feels right F Am(intro riff) but my fake smiles paint pictures like everything's fine Am the cheap line wasn't told F Am so they've got spindles spinning bad songs into gold C F G F G# and who decides what's wrong or right? D G when the puzzle pieces twist Am F and seem like they won't fit their match D F Am C F i'll be waiting, i'll be waiting A/D and all the best songs F what's the best about them? INTRO RIFF Am i thought i was part of something more F Am but more money, less substance, more demand not for great songs, that no one understands F you can't lay brick on wet cement Am C or build castles out of sand F G F G# but who decides? D G but when the puzzle pieces twist Am F and seem like they won't fit their match D G then i will try and try again Am F and hope that someone understands D F i'll be waiting, i'll be waiting Am G and they can say they love you C F but it still won't change a thing F F# A# A cause the tides may turn tomorrow F G C and i won't be there to look Am i can say C i've got to say Something around F? dollar by dollar your soul gets smaller Possibly G#? trending what we've fought to make ours C C/B they don't care about they don't care F it's a good thing that trends fade away Am G it's so much cooler in the shade And repeat that C > C/B > F > Am > G until the end! End on C (both when they stop in the middle and at the end the song) And just for kicks, here's the start of that solo. it should be in C.
V(pinch harmonic?)e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------13------15-17-17b18r17-------------------------------------|G|-------------12-14-------------------------15----------------------------------|D|-------14h15----------------------------------15----14h15p14-------------------|A|----15-------------------------------------------------------17-15….etc.-------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|Much love, Jason.
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