Bayside – Devotion And Desire chords

Devotion And Desire
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Key: F

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Dm -   xx0231
Bb -   x13331
F -    133211
Gm -   355333
F/A -  x032xx
A -    x02220
A/C# - x476xx

Intro: Dm--Bb--Dm-F/A-Bb-A/C#-

Verse 1:
Dm Trying to create something
Bbthat's not there
DmA spark I saw as a bomb is
F/A Bb A/C# just a means to an end
DmAnd I was just so happy
Bbto be out of my shell again
Dmdon't think that I really
F/Acared for who or what
BbSo for now I'll just
A/C#have to keep it shut
DmIf you're not ready
Bbyou're not ready
Dm F/APlease stop acting
A/C#like you are
Dm Bb How could I know
Gmthat everything you say
are lies about
Adevotion and desire?
Dm Bb And I know the spark
Gminside your eyes
was just the match I
Aused to set myself on fire
Post Chorus: Dm(hold) Verse 2:
Dm My mouth's shooting blanks
BbSituation's unbearable
I've gotten vulnerable
Dm F/ANow anyone is free to waltz right in
BbMy temple's been invaded
A/C#and there's nobody guarding it
Dm Bb All over this lonely life
Dmbut what's so wrong
F/Awith being all alone?
BbAlone is the only way
A/C#I've ever known
(Repeat Refrain) (Repeat Chorus) (Repeat Post Chorus) Guitar Solo: Dm--Bb--Dm-F/A-A/C#-- x2, Dm--A/C#--Bb--A/C#-- Bridge:
Dm A/C# Now pleading this kills
Bbit still bleeding
A/C# Dm My darling I'm taking
A/C# Bb my life back to
A/C#-- (hold)start healing
(Repeat Chorus) Outro:
Dm Dm Dm Dm(hold) Set my self on fire
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