Bayside – How To Fix Everything chords

How To Fix Everything
Sirens And Condolences
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Key: F

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Dm -  xx0231
Bb -  x13331
F -   133211
Am -  x02210
C -   x32010
C/E - 032xxx
F/A - x032xx
A -   x02220
Gm -  355333

Intro: Dm-Bb-F-Am- x6

Verse 1:
F Dm The sharper the edge
F/A Bbthe cleaner the wound
Dm F Bb so i'll be keeping it dull
Dm F C Bbtonight for i deserve to hurt
F Dm disfigure the outside
F/A Bbto show how ruined i am
Dm F Bb there's no pain and no pleasure
Dm F C Bbwhen you're too numb to feel
Interlude: Dm C Bb F C/E C Am C Dm Bb Bb Verse 2:
F Dm F/A there's a pedestal across the
Bb Dm F Bb Dmroom and if i try to climb again
F C Bbthis time the fall is fatal
F Dmi don't deserve such and easy exit
F/A Bb Dm F so maybe my spine can snap on
Bb Dm F C F Bb Bb impact and i'll have to crawl away
Dm C i'm ready to take
Fthat big step
A Bbstart tearing off
Dmthe layers i put up
Cor is it too late to be
Dm C F anything but what i am?
A Bbidentify the problem
Dm Cnow let's see if we
can fix anything Interlude: Dm-Bb-F-Am- x2 Bridge:
Bb Dm just close the door and
F Clet me do what i believe
Am Dmcause it's better for us
Bbif you just let me leave
Guitar Solo: Dm(hold)-Bb-Am-Gm-F- Bb(hold)-Bb-C-Dm-F- Dm(hold)-Bb-Am-Gm-F- Bb(hold)-Bb-C-Dm-F- Dm C Bb F C/E C Am C Dm Bb Bb (Repeat Chorus) Outro: Dm-Bb-F-Am- x3
Dm Bb F Bb-C-Dm(hold)How to fix everything
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