Bayside - Dear Tragedy tab

This is basically the entire main guitar part. the only hard part is trying to sing 
with the verse (if you like to sing along while you play), but you'll get used to it eventually.

introE|-----------|--------------|B|-----------|--------------|G|-----------|--------------|D|--9----9---|-9--7--57--0--|A|--9----9---|-9--7--57--0--|D|--9----9---|-9--7--57--0--| x2
VerseThe verse is not perfect but it is relatively close to being correct. the whole verse is picking, over and over again.e|--------------------|----------------|B|--------------------|----------------|G|--------7-5-4-------|----------------|D|------5-------5~~---|----99-99-9~-754|A|--3-3---------------|----99-99-9~-754|D|----------------(x8)|----99-99-9~-754| DIRECTLY to the pre-chorus
Pre-choruslisten to the song for timing on this one. (Dear Tragedy... )e|-----------------------|B|-----------------------|G|-----------------------|D|2~-------(4~)----88875-|A|2~-------(4~)----88875-|D|2~-------(4~)----88875-|
Chorus (you can use whatever type of strumming you like, but I usually play it slowly)e|----------------------------------|B|----------------------------------|G|----------------------------------|D|-0-0-0-0-5-5-5-5-9-9-9-9-7-7-7-7--|A|-0-0-0-0-5-5-5-5-9-9-9-9-7-7-7-7--|D|-0-0-0-0-5-5-5-5-9-9-9-9-7-7-7-7--| x2
Bridge/soloThe only thing that is important in this bridge is what Happens on the G string. so everything besides the G is just fiddling around with the notes nearby, but I'll put in what usually play.e|------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------|G|------------5/7~------------7/9~/7--|D|-------5p7h5-----------7p9h7--------|A|--5p7h5-----------7p9h7-------------|D|------------------------------------| i think it's only x8
play Prechosus again, and then the ending of the song has the same chords as the chorus. And that's all there is to know! go have fun with it. I there are any comments/corrections, email me at Enjoy.
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