Bayside - They Look Like Stong Hands tab

And so it goes...

Normal tuning:

This isn't...e:-----------------|-------------|--------------------|-------|H:-----------------|-------------|--------------------|-------|G:-----------6/7-6-|-7-6-4-------|--------------------|-------|D:-----4---4-------|-------7-5-4-|--------------------|-4-5---|A:---5---5---------|-------------|---5-7-7^8-7-5---7-5|-------|E:-7---------------|-------------|-7------------------|-------|
Who I ame:---------|H:---------|G:-6-7-----|D:-7-9-----|A:-7-9-----|E:-5-7-----|
D E From confidence to self doubt in 60 seconds. G D Storming stages and stereos from here to there, Hm D trying to prove that I belong. E G D Trying to win approval from people that I don't know. Chorus: Bm: G Bm Hm e:--6-- And I look so strong H:--6-- D G G:--6-- when the weight of all the world D:--8-- A D A:--8-- don't take it's toll. E:--6-- G Bm Hm And I'd choose my sides E G if I believed in what was right, A D but I'm all wrong. Hm D I'm not larger than life, I'm not taller than trees. E Do I mean what I say? Is it just this disease G D where I never go home. Hm D Never telling the truth how this life eats away. Not admitting I'm fake E G and I'm questioning whether this whole thing was worth it D to die poor and all alone? Chorus:
e:---------------------------------------------|H:---------------------------------------------|G:---------------------------------------------|D:---------------------------------------7^9-7-| x4 But the fourth time...A:-------9-9-9----10-9-7---------9-9-9---------|E:-7-7-7-------7-7------10-7-7-7------10-------|
Don't tell me...e:-----------------------------------------|H:-----------------------------------------|G:-----------------------------------------|D:---------------------------------------7-|A:-------9-9-9----10-9-7------9-----7----5-|E:-7-7-7-------7-7------10-7----7-5---5--5-|
D C# A Hm A this doesn't mean the world, D 'cause my ears would bleed F# E D H A D and my heart would hit the floor. Chorus: Slow it down at the end and finish it of with a D This is how I play this song and I think it sounds right... at least if you play it alone! Any questions or coments send them to
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