Bb King - Late Blues tab

h- Hammer on
p- Pull off
0-  Repeat.... look for em
0- /

E----0----------------------| ----0----------------------------|B---------------------------| ---------------------------------|G---------------------------| ---------------------------------|D--------2-------------5h7p5| --------2------------------------|A----------7p5------5h7-----| ----------7p5---------3h5-7-5-3--|E---0-3h5-----7p5--3--------| ---0-3h5-----7p5--3-3h5--------3-|
E---------------------------|B---------------------------|G---------------------------|D---2-----------------------|A-----7p5--------5-7-5------|E--------7p5--3-7-----7-----| <-x2
ok well thats all i kno and i didnt see that anybody had this tab so yeah thats how i roll
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