Bbmak - Ghost Of You And Me tab

Ghost of You and Me
Written by BBMak

Transcribed by Bryan K. Jung on May 26, 2001

Seeing as that no one has tabbed this yet, I have made
a small attempt to get a rough tabbing of this awesome 

This is one of my first tab attempts, so please help me 
out by sending me any corrections and/or hints!  Thanks!

Standard Tuning

(Riff 1) - Repeat 4x for intro
(Let notes ring)

Em D C What am I supposed to do with all these blues Am D Em Haunting me everywhere no matter what I do Em D C Watching the candle flicker out in the evening glow C D I can't let go When will this night be over Chorus: C D Em I didn't mean to fall in love with you C D Em And baby there's a name for what you put me through C D Em It isn't love, it's robbery C D Em(Riff 1) I'm sleeping with the ghost of you and me Seen a lot of broken hearts go sailing by Phantom ships lost at sea And one of them is mine Raising my glass, I sing a toast to the midnight sky I wonder why the stars don't seem to guide me Chorus Bridge: C The ghost of you and me Am When will it set me free C G Em I hear the voices call, following footsteps down the hall C Em D C Trying to save what's left of my heart and soul Watching the candle flicker out in the evening glow I can't let go When will this night be over Chorus 2x Riff 1 till fade
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